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Understanding the basics of hand pipes and bongs

Bongs and hand pipes are made making use of different materials and gear; it’s been in vogue for hundreds of years. Back in the days, hand pipes were made from clay, wood, and metal including ancient corn cobs and deer antlers. What category of material you intend to get smoked out of your first-hand pipe and what made you do so?

However, you are strongly advised to avoid smoking in the first place. But if you think you can’t, try your best to know your limitations since an excess of anything is bad for your health. Please, never use hand pipes more than a just causal experiment.

Smoking is injurious to health, everybody knows that! Don’t you? There are so many other things in life that we do despite we know they are health threats. A laborer does their job all the day ling in the sun especially when it is summer season. They know the sun can be a health threat, but they continue to do their job to survive on the planet earth.