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1300 numbers can help you set up a better business connection

Specific geographical areas in Australia

Simple 1800 numbers and simple 1300 numbers are not limited to any specific geographical areas and telephone exchange, thus both of them are absolutely portable and can be used in terms of nationwide numbers in the first place.

You can set up them in the same way since they are built in exactly the same functions and features. These are commercial numbers that will get your clients talking to your from any fixed line in Australia.

Your customers can call you at local rates!

Simple 1300 numbers contain 10 digits, so your customers can call you at local rates using a fixed line, as was stated above, no matter at what city they are at the moment.

Well, simple 1300 numbers are in a virtual state in that they will allow you to direct incoming calls to any answer point, mobile phone number, and landline number depending on the package you have selected and the company that will provide you with the services.

Attract clients from outside your local area!

Simple 1300 numbers have the power to attract clients from outside your local area, taking on the role as a single point of contact for your business.

As was stated above, in respect of their exact functions and features, both 1800 and 1300 numbers are almost similar. In this context, both of them are not limited to any specific geographical area and telephone exchange and thus can be tailored to individual commercial requirements since they are built-in a vast variety of routing and call handling choices to make.