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Tips on Explaining Shamanic Healing to Skeptical People

For those who know about shamanic healing and have been using it are enjoying its benefits. But there are many people who have little idea about this energy medicine and often question its effectiveness.

Many people feel that it is because not everyone knows of it and it is important to explain the healing process to them so that they too can enjoy its benefits.

So, next time you meet someone who does not believe in shamanic healing, use the following to explain it to them –

Energy Medicine is Difficult to Study

  • Even with scientific breakthroughs, the complex and holistic method of shamanic healing is difficult to understand.
  • Just like acupuncture, shamanic healing is something that benefits a person, but the benefits cannot be pinpointed like other treatments.

It is not Measurable, but it Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There

  • Shamanic energy is the process of transferring energy from a person to another in order to heal them.
  • Since this energy is immeasurable, it doesn’t mean that it does not have a positive effect.

It’s Entering the Mainstream Market

  • Many hospitals around the country are using the shamanic healing along with other treatment options.
  • It is used as a safe treatment option to ease the effects of serious ailments

It is More About Experience Rather Than Opinion

  • It is important to ask people to experience shamanic healing before giving their opinion.
  • Many people have seen a shift in their opinions once they have experienced shamanic healing.